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Props from the Universe


"Step by step, and day by day, I've done more to grow my business and expand my opportunities over the past week or so then I did all of last year." -Peter Lopez

"I'm finishing up the second week of being an Emperor-in-Training and already realize how much this information has changed by life for the better. I have a couple of marked up transcripts of video interviews, fourteen emails, and a notebook full of handwritten notes. The impact is huge. Old ideas look new and potentially profitable, steps have been taken toward a new partnership, and I'm re-decorating my home office to be my throne room, because every emperor needs a throne room, right?" -Heidi Berthiaume

"I started by watching a video last night and reading all of the overview materials, and I already got at least four ideas, so I have no doubt it will be worth every penny for both of my businesses." -Susan Barry

"I didn't think the Empire Building Kit would help me that much because I've been running my own business for years but the daily emails are hugely motivational. Now I feel as if there's someone in my corner who really wants me to succeed. Those emails inspire me to keep going when doubt or laziness creep in." -Annabel Candy

"I'm also in your April $100 Biz Forum and between these two things, I'm putting so many pieces of the entrepreneurship puzzle together that were just one hot undefined mess before I started reading your blog. These are the first info products I have ever bought in my life and am glad I pulled the trigger when I did, even if it meant not getting new tires for my car (emperors ride chariots anyhow)." -The Conquerer Abe Cajudo

"It's early in the game (Day 23, 342 to go!), but already I've gained knowledge and confidence. Before EBK I was convinced I needed to finish my ebook before I could start developing a list of followers, but something Charlie Gilkey said in his interview convinced me to start building the blog right away. That bumped me out of a funk, I got the blog organized, and now I feel like I'm DOING something!" -Richard M. Potter

"This was a fantastic interview - very relevant, relatable and energising. One of the points excited me so much that I read it out loud to my half-asleep boyfriend." -Rachel Hills